Am I an Indigo Child?

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Am I an Indigo Child?

Post by david.hector on Wed Jan 25, 2017 3:16 pm

ChCertain traits have been identified as common amongst Indigos:

Indigo children are:

  • intelligent, but may not necessarily be at the top of their class
    Indigo children are quite creative and enjoy creating things
    Indigo children always need to know the reason, especially when asked to do something
    Indigo children did not enjoy (to put it nicely) much of the required and repetitious home work in school
    Indigo children were rebellious in school, or wanted to be, but were not, due to pressure, perhaps from parents
    Indigo children have, very likely, experienced the Existential Vacuum, as described by Dr. Frankl. The 'Existential vacuum' refers to that state one is in, usually, when alone, with no distractions, where one starts to ask what's the point of all these, why am I here? Our outlook on life becomes negative. This tends to happen on weekends, or holidays, which is when suicide numbers tend to increase. That's why the entertainment industry is so popular. Indigos also often experience feelings of helplessness; not necessarily suicidal thoughts until very early in their twenties
    As they grow up, Indigos have difficulty in service-oriented (Mc jobs) industries; Indigos tend to resist authority and a hierarchical system of employment. Indigo children and adults prefer to work independently. This could explain the sudden rise in independent contractors or consultants in recent years. This life-style gives Indigo adults the freedom they need , and the possibility to stay away from large, sometimes evil, corporations
    Indigo children have deep empathy for others (like Empaths do), yet an intolerance of stupidity
    Indigo children can be either very emotional, or show no emotion whatsoever
    Indigo children tend to experience a deep discontent with the status quo; question the status quo, and find ways to improve the established systems. This explains why the "Occupy Wall Street" movement in the USA and the Outraged movement in Europe gained such momentum. These were started, quite likely by either Indigo or Crystal adults, who saw the evil caused by the inequality in our society, in which the distance between the rich and the poor just keeps increasing, and no one is looking after the 99%. Moreover the 1% just keep getting richer, while the poor get poorer, and the middle class in the West is becoming a myth
    Indigo children have recurrent dreams and may remember them easily; one can derive insight into the future or past via dreams
    Indigo children/adults feel a great connection with the crystal kingdom (crystals, stones); deep down they feel that there must be esoteric Truths to all the talk about crystals and healing gems
    Indigo children can develop sensitivity or even disorders in the digestive system due to low vibrational food (e.g. red meat, white sugar, white flour, processed or GMO food, etc…) - as these became very popular and inexpensive since World War II, and more Indigo and Crystal children have been born, the number of people with gluten issues, digestive conditions, other dietary restrictions, and allergies have increased exponentially
    Sexually, Indigos are very expressive and inventive or may prefer celibacy for a while to achieve a higher spiritual connection.They may also explore alternative types of sexuality - hence the rise in different types of relationships in recent years (LGBTQ) - again this comes from a tearing down of old preconceived notions of what male and female prototypes are
    Indigo children are great master healers, healing even with words. This is the reason why they, unconsciously, attract people searching for balance and healing
    Indigo children can adopt auto-destructive behaviors (alcohol, drugs, depression, anxiety,…) when they aren’t living their purpose in life. Adults need to be passionate about what they do, because they are aware of having a great mission on Earth
    Indigo children know when someone is lying, or not being totally honest; hence the rise in distrust of governments, government agencies, large organizations, such as corporations or even the Catholic church and other religious old-school organizations
    Both Indigo adults and non-adults love being with children, and respect them; adults may prefer to spend time with children, rather than other adults, because children have not spent much time on Earth yet, so still remember what uncorrupted life is like on the other side
    Indigo children have a burning desire to change and improve the world; the status quo needs to change
    Indigo children's psychic or spiritual interest appear fairly young
    Indigo children may have been diagnosed and treated for ADD/ADHD; may have trouble focusing on assigned tasks, may jump around in conversations; this is because they work with different types of energy, hence it's their cognitive abilities and pattern recognition behaviour are not linear, like we see in 'normal' people
    Indigo children have had psychic experiences, either consciously or while sleeping, such as seeing angels, ghosts, clair-audience, clair-voyance, etc ...
    Some have reported watches not working and street lights going out as they move under them, electrical equipment malfunctioning and lights blowing out
    Indigo children may have awareness of other dimensions and parallel realities - this does not mean that they know the details of these dimensions or parallel realities, but have an underlying awareness of them. They realize that these exist, but cannot verbalize or provide details - hence are concluded to be fantasies by society - these can lead to the Indigo's further alienation and frustration with life and society
    Indigo children, and later on adults, will seek a deeper meaning and purpose to their life, through religion or spirituality, spiritual groups and/or books, self-help groups and/or books
    When Indigos find balance they may become very strong, healthy, happy individuals

​These are not to be taken lightly. Indigo adults​ have experienced most of these, if not all.

Tell us what you think. Check out more at Plato's Academy - Indigo Children/Adults page


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